Automation that puts
your business on steroïds
so you can scale your company working 35 hrs/week

save time

save money

save sanity

you can't grow a business without (automated) processes
Keeping track of data between softwares is a nightmare.
Don't let lack of structure hinder the growth of your business.
Your company is on the planet for a bigger purpose.
We create processes so you can forget about them and do what you do best



Forget about "what's next". Just do your best work and you'll be reminded of the rest when needed with our Business Process Automation.



to focus on what really matters to your clients and your business. Processes are in charge of mental load, so your mind stays sharp.



of anything, all your data will flow from one to the other end of your funnels. Peace of mind guaranteed (and your relatives will love it, too).

Streamline your business in 3 simple steps

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and we'll get in touch with you in a timely fashion. If you already have some automation in place, we'll cover that, and if you're not sure what business process automation can do for you we'll be very happy to answer all your questions.

We define the processes you need to scale up

We get on a meeting with your team and ask you a lot of questions to see where automation could bring you the best value. Our goal is to let human interaction do what it's designed to do best, and let the rest be handled by computers.

Watch your company scale at the speed of light
Once processes are implemented and refined, let them run and see the astonishing results you can get when you and your team are free to do what you do best.
We used automation for streamlining all our books and accounting workflow and that divided the time spent on it by 5! Can't be more happy, considering the kind of admin lover that I am (yes, right, I'm not, you know that ;-).
Stephanie B., CMO, Organizologists
With all the apps and softs and SaaS, we were spending half our days moving or copying info from here to there. BYH made all this magically disappear, yet working even better now! We don't have to manage softwares anymore.
Josh Rudall, CTO, Edmond's Waiting
I knew I had to scale but didn't have the bottom line to hire more people at that point. Thanks for helping us double our income and scaling up, using softwares for what they're really meant to be: work seamlessy.
Roger M. Dixon, Owner, AgileThrust LLC


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